Antonio Zambardino is a photographer based in Bangkok


He has been a member of the photo agency CONTRASTO since 2008

In recent years he has reported on the Egyptian Revolution for Vanity Fair (2011),

witnessed the Libyan Exodus in Tunisia (2011),

worked in the Gaza Strip during operation Pillar of Cloud (2012)

and lived in Iraqi Kurdistan throughout 2013.

He has BA in Photography and Design taken at the IED in 2004 in Rome.

He later studied Computer Assisted Reporting at the CIJ in London

After the studies, he worked as an image consultant with communication sociologist

Nello Barile at the C:Cube magazine.

He received his training in Documentary photography working as a fine-art retoucher and designer

for the 10B photography studio and later at the Interno-Grigio photo lab in Rome.




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2007 [Winner Colour] Premio fotografico Archispi

2008 [Winner] ATF FNAC Winner “Campania, the Changing Face”

2010 [HM] International Photography Awards "Tonga Below Sea Level “

2010 [HM] International Photography Awards HM “The Roadkill Program”

2011 [HM] International Photography Awards HM  “Cairo, days on unrest”

2011 [Finalist] POY Global Vision Award “Climate Ground Zero”

2012 Foam Talent Photographer “Climate Ground Zero”


Vanity Fair, L'Espresso, MAX, Sport-week, Courier International, VSD, Rolling Stone, IlVenerdì, Panorama, 
NEON magazine, Peanut Butter Thoughts,, Geo, Peace Reporter, Fotoevidence, Ithoughtiwasalone,

TuStyle, IoDonna, ABOVE, Internazionale, VICE, FOCUS, Business-week, L'Express, L'Express magazine,

Corriere della Sera, la Repubblica,, D-Repubblica, Edizioni Laterza,A magazine, Liberation,

FOAM Magazine, TAKE Magazine.

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2004 “Città Manifesta” La Porta Blu Gallery. Rome
2005 “Fuori Serie“ Margutta Arcade Gallery. Rome.
2007 “Il lavoro in ogni espressione” Treviso Palazzo della Signoria. Treviso
2008 "Azerbaijan" First Biennal Exhibit of the Muslim World. Tehran
2008 “Campania the Changing Face“ Traveling show in the FNAC galleries
2008 "whynot-camorra" [collective] Castel dell'Ovo. Naples
2009 "A lunga Esposizione"  [collective] La Fabrica del Vapore. Milan
2009 “FoianoFotografia “ Festival. Foiano
2010 “The Roadkill Program” Lumix Festival 2010. Hannover
2010 “Tonga Below Sea Level “ New York Photofestival. NYC
2010 "Tonga Below Sea Level “ Noorderlicht Festival. Groningen
2012 "Printemps Arab" [collective] European Parliament. Brussels
2012 "Printemps Arab" [collective]Senate of the Republic. Rome
2012 "Printemps Arab" [collective]. Pesaro
2012 “State of Crisis”: Citerna Fotografia Festival 2012, [collective]. Citerna
2012 “Climate Ground Zero” Lumix Festival 2012. Hannover
2012 “Climate Ground Zero” Unseen Festival 2012. Amsterdam

2013 “Climate Ground Zero” Reportage Sydney. Sydney

2013 “Climate Ground Zero” Reportage Censored. Sydney